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Volumetric Data Subtraction Analyser


This software can be used for analysis of volumetric data. It is primary designed for comparing changes in computed tomography data. Software can display up to four volumes at the same time. These images are supposed to be registered to each other and to have the same size. As an example we can consider a non-contrast CT examination and an angiographic CT examination of the same patient. Such images are supposed to be different in density increase caused by contrast material. Software displays actual density according to cursor position. All four volumes are connected together and actual position and density values are available from all views at the same time for the same place selected by user.

The main advantage of the software is simple but sophisticated tool for examination images and differences between images. Computed tomography data contain high level of noise which can be minimized by averaging values of nearest neighborhood. User can control attributes of the considered neighborhood like shape, size and also denzity range which will be covered by the averaging process. These features can be set for all views separatly. Denzity histogram of the specifed neighborhood is shown according to actual cursor position.

Subtraction feature can subtract actually selected slices resulting in a new image in the fourth view. Subtraction is affected by all mentioned user settings. The next possibility of the software is to display data in gray levels or in a color scale. Displaying properties can be controlled by user such as minimum and maximum value for the color scale or central value and window width for the gray scale displaying.



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