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Research Projects

Improvement of resecability of the malignant processes using the more accurate methods for measuring parametres of the remnant liver parenchyma – computer asisted diagnostic and software modeling (2012–2015)
GACR 106/09/0740
Microstructure oriented hierarchical modeling of brain perfusion for CT based cerebral blood flow evaluation (2009–2012)
MŠMT 2C06009
Prostředky tvorby komplexní báze znalostí pro komunikaci se sémantickým webem v přirozeném jazyce (COT-SEWing) (2006–2010)


Projects are sorted alphabetically.

AnonMed – Medical Data De-Identification Tool

An universal automatic (non-interactive) rule-based de-identification application of an heterogeneous medical data. It supports DASTA, DICOM and HL7, now. More details

Download AnonMed from the DCSE page.

Brain Infarction Core Delineator

The software processes input DICOM images containing CT examinations of brain – volumetric maps called CBV (Cerebral Blood Volume) or PBV (Perfused Blood Volume). In such images an infarction core is delineated and there are also provided statistical characteristics evalutated inside the detected infarction core like volume, maximal value and average value including standard deviation. More details

MetaMed – Medical Meta Data Extraction and Manipulation Project

MetaMed is a meta data extraction tool primarily for a medical data file formats. The DASTA and DICOM file formats support is implemented as default add-ons. This tool is used for processing all MREIS incoming medical data. All extracted data and meta data is available in the RDF.

It can be also useful as a simple SPARQL query tool, RDF serialisation format converter and for RDF files merging.

More details, documentation and download >>

Oracle XML Schema Register

Program serves as XML and DTD schema register for Oracle database version 11g release 2 and higher. This registred XML schema is good for quick operations over saved XML documents which are suitable this XML schema. DTD schemas are only loaded into database, but XML files can be validate over this schemas. GUI and console version is part of this program. There are also PL/SQL procedures for registration on database side.

Download Oracle XML Schema Register from the DCSE page.

Sparkle – graphical SPARQL editor

Sparkle is a graphical SPARQL editor application used to help its users with creation and evaluation of SPARQL queries. The graphical SPARQL query editor application is an interactive JavaFX open source application.

More details, documentation and download >>

Tool for Creating Associative Database

This is a set of web application tools for creating an associations network database. Database is generated by original algorithms in on-line mode. In contrast with basic WordNets based on existing corpuses processing, these algorithms is based on immediate respondent answers for given text stimuli. This application can be used not only for psychological, medical and sociological researches, but also as a multilingual semantic dataset.

Download the Tool for Creating Associative Database from the DCSE page.

TransferMed – Medical Data Transfer over Encrypted Connection

This tool does a medical data secured tranfer over an encrypted connection. It manages transfer monitoring in a transfer log with unique file names, sha1 checksum and a timestamp on the hospital site.

Download TransferMed from the DCSE page.

Volumetric Data Subtraction Analyser

This software allows analysis of differences in volumetric data. The main uniqueness of the software is interactive controlling of statistic analysis process and advanced visualisation. More details

Download the Volumetric Data Subtraction Analyser from the DCSE page.