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About Us

The Medical Information Systems (MIS) research group is a part of the Medical Informatics (MI) research group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE) in the University of West Bohemia (UWB) in the Czech Republic.

Our research group main concept is in a design and development of the Medical Research and Education (MRE) information system and portal. A number of specialties mentioned below takes an advantage of the developed information system (MRE) or supports it.

You can find more details on the research and projects pages or you can see our partners and publications.


Doc. Dr. Ing. Jana Kleckova
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitni 8
306 14 Plzen, Czech Republic
Phone: +420-377-63-2401 (secretary)
Fax: +420-377-63-2402 (secretary)